Helsinki Smart Region is the capital region of Finland with 26 municipalities and 1,6 million inhabitants. We have excellent living conditions with four beautiful seasons, 300 km of coastline and highly qualified human capital. Our region has an international airport and four international ports.

More than one third of Finland’s GDP is generated in the metropolitan region. The region serves an engine for economic growth in the whole country as well as a logistic hub with regard to the international market.

Smart means sustainable mobility services, a healthy corporate environment, excellent living conditions. Above all, smart means a well-functioning everyday for its inhabitants.

With harsh Nordic weather conditions, an ageing population but long traditions in engineering and a die-hard work ethic, we can say that the Helsinki region is a perfect testbed for urban services and activities. If services work here, they will also work elsewhere.

On this website, you will find active people and service-providers with bright ideas on what smart can mean in the Helsinki region.

This website is for interested collaborators, investors and possible partners for the presented projects. Or do you want your smart project concerning the Helsinki region to be presented on the site? Send us a message!

Helsinki Smart Region promotes smart activities

Different players from the whole Helsinki region – business, cities, public sector, research, education centres, start-ups and the citizen – create smart innovations and tests together. The region’s smart specialisation strategy directs these various activities. The Helsinki region has in recent years applied the concept of Smart Specialisation in the development of the region. You can read the Smart Specialisation strategy of the Helsinki-Uusimaa region here.  This strategy was updated in late 2017 for the period of 2018-2020. This is an addition to the strategy. You can read the update here.