Helsinki has been chosen as a participant in the Bloomberg Aspen Initiative on Cities and Autonomous Vehicles. The global initiative is aimed at enhancing the ability of cities to prepare for the emergence of autonomous vehicles. The aim is to ensure that planning for the intelligent transport solution will enhance residents’ quality of life when the driveless transport really takes place. In addition to Helsinki, London, Paris, Austin, Los Angeles, Nashville and Washington DC as well as Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Tel Aviv are taking part in the collaboration.

The initiative creates collaboration for operators from the participating cities and thus helps the cities prepare for the development of intelligent transport. The objective is to create guidelines and tools that also help other cities to utilise the possibilities of intelligent transport. Helsinki also focuses on the utilising of open data and real-time traffic information.
The extensive collaboration initiative is expected to bring new business opportunities and international networks to the companies and start-ups based in the Helsinki area.

In addition to the city of Helsinki, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Helsinki Regional Transport Authority and Smart & Clean Foundation have participated in the preliminary arrangement phase.

One of the most interesting and topical driveless mobility solutions in the Helsinki Smart Region is a driveless robot bus. Read more about the project,  ‘Sohjoa’ here. Sohjoa is currently a finalist in Regio Stars 2017 Awards. This is a higly prestigious yearly competition honouring Europe’s most inspiring and innovating regional projects. The winner is announced in October 2017.