Helsinki Smart Region - place where everything works

Every third Finn is living in Uusimaa region. To cut down the outbreak of #coronavirus in Finland, the movement to and from the entire area will be severely restricted. Find more facts about Helsinki-Uusimaa region here: https://t.co/eag0ufIBk1

Mari Pantsar talks about resource wisdom: “Companies that take ecological sustainability into account will be the only ones to exist in the future”. Read newest Smart Minds interview here: https://t.co/VdUrVFDYBm #resourcewisdom #circulareconomy @MariPantsar @SitraFund

Here's some good news to start the week: @helsinki is the world's happiest city!👉https://t.co/jxZYr6mtc2

“A happy social environment, whether urban or rural, is one where people feel a sense of belonging, where they trust and enjoy each other and their shared institutions.”

The Helsinki-Uusimaa Region is aiming at #climateneutrality by the year 2035. Five spearheads are:
✔️Smart land use
✔️Fast energy transfer
✔️Sustainable consumption and production
✔️Smart mobility
✔️Climate neutral circular economy


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