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Update on 30.11.2022: The time for submissions has ended, we thank everyone who submitted their idea!

The challenge is open to any interested organisation in EU Member States, and to our friends in Norway and Iceland. We especially encourage Higher Education institutions to participate with mixed teams of students and staff, health care providers, and any other relevant organisations. There is no limit for how many teams can participate from one organisation. We suggest a team should consist of no more than 10 members. However, we’ll only communicate with the contact person given below – if we have good news for you after the evaluation. Winners will be noted directly beforehand and announced in a separate event in December 2022. All information on the winning ideas will be published on the Helsinki Smart Region website. 

Now, we wish to keep the participation threshold very low. All ideas, from easy-to-implement quick fixes or pilots, to grand and complex systemic changes will be considered. And anything between. The Challenge Judges will look both at novelty and impact, but we foresee that a convincing impact description is what counts most. 

You do not have to describe something that is absolutely guaranteed to work.  We hope to harvest plenty of ideas from various angles and in different settings of the diverse landscape of health promotion and prevention. For example, Social care and Primary Health Care are rarely optimally interacting. Useful information is often blocked from professionals when they need it. So, how could AI help in better interoperability? Life style interventions and perhaps MyData approaches may be an interesting avenue as well. And many more!

Please note that Prize Money transactions will be made only to the (winning) organisation you indicate in the form, for security reasons. It is of course expected that the organisation will channel the money to the winning team’s free use.