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Welcome to the Helsinki Smart Region – Map! Here, you can find information about key players driving innovation in the Helsinki Smart Region, including universities, research institutions, and innovation hubs.


The featured companies on the map are the winners of Business Finland’s challenge competition, recognized as leading companies and innovation drivers in Finland.


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Startup Hubs

Health Incubator Helsinki

A comprehensive three-year incubator program, Health Incubator Helsinki targets research-based early-stage teams and startups operating in the health sector in Finland and abroad. Image: Health Incubator Helsinki
Startup Hubs

Maria 01

Maria 01 is a leading Nordic startup campus, aiming to be Europe's most impactful. It fosters a dynamic community of tech startups, venture capitalists, and enterprises, offering a supportive space for Finnish startups to experiment, learn, and grow. Image: Tapio Auvinen
Startup Hubs

Startup Foundation

Startup Foundation's mission is to create more entrepreneurs, new companies, growth and internationalization, as well as supporting and promoting the startup mentality. Image: Startup Foundation
Startup Hubs

Terkko Health Hub

Terkko Health Hub is a startup community, a co-working space and an event venue focusing on health and life sciences. They are located in the heart of Helsinki’s medical campus and provide various services, events and programmes for our community in collaboration with local and global partners. Image: Terkko Health Hub
Startup Hubs

Viikki Food Design Factory

Vikki Food Design Factory is a sustainable and healthy food innovation center, created by the collaboration of University of Helsinki and Aalto University. It's a hub for startups, researchers, and industry professionals, offering a pre-incubator program for transformative food system innovators.

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