Helsinki Smart Region works together in synergy with the people

We are the capital region of Finland, which is made of 26 municipalities. The most important people here are the citizen. In our region, different players from the whole region – large businesses and start-ups, public sector, research and education centres create smart innovations and tests together with the people.

The aim of the Helsinki Smart Region initiative is to:

  • double the regional impact of research and innovation
  • be a forerunner in the use of innovative products and services.

Focus on the essential

We focus on four areas. Each theme forms an umbrella, under which an array of actors and stakeholders, skills and projects are gathered. The four themes are:

Under each theme, spearhead projects are funded by the Helsinki Regional Council. These projects’ work strengthen the region’s ‘smart’ region and smart city network.

Stronger Europe, too

Smart Specialisation is the European Commission’s initiative showcased on a platform called S3. Visit the platform and find more information about how the Commission supports smart specialisation.

Are you visual more than literal? Watch this, it is an illustrated video about the Smart Specialisation.

The Helsinki Smart Region initiative is run by the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.