Aalto University and VTT received EU-funding – Otaniemen lukio wins Jan Amos Comenius Prize


The European Innovation Council (EIC) Pathfinder Pilot has selected 35 projects set to develop cutting-edge technologies to receive a total of €114 million. The funding comes from Horizon 2020, the EU’s research and innovation programme.

22 of the projects selected by the European Innovation Council will receive funding from the European Innovation Council’s Pathfinder Proactive program. Pathfinder Proactive encourages researchers from different disciplines to collaborate to develop cutting-edge technologies such as human-centered artificial intelligence, implant technology or zero-carbon zero-emission energy production. The remaining 13 projects will receive funding for the commercialization of research results.

Aalto University receives funding for projects that develop breakthrough technology for carbon-free energy production (Hermes, LESGO and WASTE-NOT projects). The total amount of funding received by Aalto is approximately EUR 11.6 million.

The projects funded by VTT are also related to the development of human-centered artificial intelligence and technology used in life sciences and healthcare (projects ALMA, Brainiaqs and WASTE-NOT). The funding received by VTT totals approximately EUR 9.4 million.

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European Innovation Council Press Release

Otaniemen lukio upper secondary school from Espoo wins Jan Amos Comenius Prize

On 5 May the European Commission annouced the winners of the Jan Amos Comenius Prize for high-quality teaching about the European Union. The prize goes to 22 secondary schools from across Europe that teach about the European Union in a creative way. Otaniemen lukio upper secondary school from Espoo is one of the winners.

The Prize highlights the importance of teaching and learning about the EU in an inspirational way. Each winning school will receive a prize of 8,000 euro and a trophy.

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European Commission Press Release

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