Seize the Opportunity: Interreg Central Baltic Opens Fourth Round of Calls for Cross-Border Projects! 

The Central Baltic Programme 2021-2027, an EU cross-border cooperation initiative, is inviting project ideas for its fourth round of calls. With a budget of 152 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), this programme aims to support high-quality projects in Finland (including Åland), Estonia, Latvia, and Sweden, fostering collaboration to tackle common challenges across borders.


In a world facing global challenges, regional cooperation is key to driving sustainable development and innovation. Interreg Central Baltic provides a unique chance for organizations to secure funding for cross-border initiatives, aligning with the programme’s commitment to collaboration and problem-solving. 

During the 2021-2027 programme period, projects within four thematic areas with seven programme objectives will be funded. Regular projects with a maximum budget of 4 million euros and a project timeframe of approximately 2-3 years (not fixed), can be funded. Small projects, with a budget of up to 213,550 euros, can have a maximum duration of 18 months. 

Apply for project funding in 2024 

9.-30. April 2024 (first step): 
– General Call for Regular Project Proposals 
– Targeted Call for Regular Project Proposals 

10.-31. October 2024: 
– Call for Small Project Proposals 
– Regular Project Proposals (second step) 

Here are some ways your organization can benefit from participating in a Central Baltic project: 

Cross-Border Synergy 
The programme brings together regions from four different countries, fostering a collaborative approach to address shared challenges. Access to diverse expertise, resources, and perspectives through funding encourages innovation and cross-border synergy. 

Knowledge Exchange 
Interreg Central Baltic facilitates the exchange of knowledge and best practices among participating regions. Successful projects become hubs for the transfer of expertise, allowing partners to learn from each other’s experiences and apply innovative solutions in their respective territories. 

Networking Opportunities 
The programme creates a vibrant network of stakeholders, including public authorities, businesses, and research institutions. Project beneficiaries have the chance to establish valuable connections, opening doors to potential partnerships, collaborations, and market opportunities beyond their immediate borders. 

Curious about already funded projects? Explore the project pool at the programme’s webpage www.centralbaltic.eu

More information: 

For any programme-related questions, you can reach out to the national Central Baltic Contact Point: 

Viola Mickos
Central Baltic Contact Point for Finland
+358 45 133 5854 

Central Baltic Website

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