Towards Sustainable Economic Transformation in the Baltic Sea Region

Join the virtual conference to hear how smart specialisation, science, technology and innovation can help with economic transformation and SDGs implementation.


How to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals? How to recover economically from the Covid-19 crisis and to respond the other development challenges? Can all this be done is a sustainable and knowledge-based manner?

Smart specialization, science, technology and innovation can be an answer to the above-mentioned questions. In what way, is the topic of the Baltic Sea Region Smart-Up Final Conference, taking place on September 28, from 10.00 to 14.00 EEST (+3).

The virtual event brings together speakers from the EU and Baltic Sea Region and the Member States. The first part of the event gives an overview of the context, state of play and recent developments followed by an interactive, moderated discussion. The second part focuses on specific examples of the partners, with an aim to learn from the experience gathered so far.

This conference also acts as the stage for launching two main contributions to the European Smart Specialisation Policy, by launching two books for helping understand the Smart Specialisation contributions in the Baltic Sea Regions.

For further information and full program visit the website of the Smart-up BSR.

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Smart-up BSR is about fostering bottom-up regional innovation through peer-to-peer learning and entrepreneurial discovery process in a series of Innovation Camps. Smart-Up’s network reaches out to EU RIS3 experts – EU Committee of the Regions & Joint Research Centre – to learn, get advised and enable orchestration of innovation hubs throughout Baltic Sea Region.

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