Climate neutrality

Climate Street – a better city is built one street at a time

Environmental consideration can have several benefits: local climate actions can lead to better business and personal savings and wellbeing. Climate Streets in the Helsinki capital region aim for urban sustainability where future low carbon cities are adapted to changing climate.


Test areas are Iso Roobertinkatu in Helsinki and Tikkuraitti and Asematie in Vantaa. Energy efficiency, smart and responsible business and daily choices are encouraged in a way to meet the needs of the local residents, real estate owners and entrepreneurs. Areas showcase practical steps by piloting climate friendly services and products. There are numerous ways for tenants and businesses alike to contribute to reducing emissions to air such as by turning down excess heating, shifting to more vegetarian oriented diet, making efficient use of shared spaces and providing climate friendly products.

Power to the people!

Climate Streets are built for the locals by the locals. Project offers workshops and decision making to promote climate smart experiments and pilots that are genuinely tested on site. We believe in crowdsourcing and power of knowledge invested in local actors. The main idea of Climate Street is to have people acknowledge there is a possibility to integrate greenhouse gas emission reductions to the benefit of all stakeholders. End user needs and consumer habits with business development and climate responsibility can all meet resulting in a comfortable environment for everyone.

Earth hour at Climate Street. Image credit Elina-Mattero-Meronen, HSY IlmastoInfo
Earth hour at Climate Street. Image credit Elina-Mattero-Meronen, HSY IlmastoInfo

Solar energy and urban sustainability in the Helsinki  region

We are in the middle of the solar power breakthrough. Prices of solar panels have dropped by 70% in the past five years and solar potential in southern Finland is similar to that of Northern Germany. Installation is quick and maintenance is easy. Solar energy is not only a renewable but an inexhaustible natural resource and practically pollution free.

The Climate Street project is carried out by the Environment Centres of the cities of Helsinki and Vantaa together with Green Building Council Finland, Helsinki Regional Environment Services (HSY) Climate Info and Aalto University. Climate Street is funded by the European Regional Development Fund, and it is part of the Six City Strategy.


We want you! If you are a local resident or business owner of Iso Roobertinkatu or Tikkuraitti and Asematie in Vantaa or an innovator who has an idea on how to make the street more comfortable and climate smart then join us and share your knowledge and let us develop it together! Check our social media and website or talk to us directly!

Edit 2020: Climate Street -Project was operating from 2015 to 2017. First image, image credit Janne Käpylehto.

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Climate street:

Project was operating from 2015 to 2017

Funded by European Regional Development Fund

Part of the Six City Strategy

See website

For further information, please contact:

Viliina Evokari
City of Helsinki Environment Centre

+358 40 519 7544