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Naava brings pure Finnish air to cities

Finland has the cleanest air in Europe. However, healthy air is a privilege that only a select few can enjoy, particularly in the world’s megacities. Naava is a company whose mission is to bring clean and healthy air indoors.


– We eat a kilo of food and drink a couple of kilos of liquid every day, but we breathe in 14 kilos of indoor air. In the Western world, people can largely choose the quality of their food and drink, but not of their indoor air – until now, says the founder of the Naava, Aki Soudunsaari.

Indoor air is 2–5 times more polluted than outdoor air, says the US Environmental Protection Agency. Mechanical ventilation brings exhaust fumes, air pollution, and street dust into offices that are located in cities.

Healthy air makes people smarter

The product, called ‘Naava’ is an active green wall. It is a patented Finnish technology, which provides over 100 times stronger air purifying proficiency with biotransformation than a natural house plant.

The active green wall is a mix of technology and nature. It cleans the air. The result is that people indoors are happier and healthier naturally. Good indoor air increases brain performance and productivity, Harvard academics have found in their studies.

– This will be a future health trend globally. Naava’s smart active plant walls currently improve the quality of indoor air globally at as many as 600 sites, says Soudunsaari.

Naava’s goal is to operate in all of the world’s megacities by 2020, improving people’s health through indoor air. Naava, provider of biological air purification technology solutions, has seen its turnover grow 250 per cent during the past year and raised 2.5 million euros in funding to expand its operations and develop its technology.

In January, Stockholm was the first step in Naava’s bid to expand to the rest of Scandinavia and Europe. Naava is interested in both project partnership, company partnerships and pilots.

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