EER Partners in Action: Calling on SME’s for 10 Days 100 Challenges

In support of the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region’s designation as a European Entrepreneurial Region (EER), Metropolia University of Applied Sciences has been redesigning one of their open innovation programmes to focus on SMEs.


What is open innovation?

Open innovation is when a company works in conjunction with an external group by opening up their business practices and data to create new solutions to business issues. At Metropolia, one open innovation programme, 10 Days 100 Challenges, has been running since 2018.

This year the 10 Days 100 Challenges looks a little different than previous years (and not only because the past two years have seen it cancelled once and online once due to Covid-19). The first 3 years of the 10 Days 100 Challenges Event consisted of 10 full days of the sprint event with the learnings embedded learned as the days went by.

The 2022 version of 10D100C looks a little different. We decided that the need is so great for the learnings that are embedded in the event, that we decided to pull those out so that they can reach many more people. This means that the event itself is being reduced to 7 days with the participants taking an online course prior to attending.

By extracting the learnings, this opens it up to anyone who wants to improve their skills. This is why it has been built as a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC).

Creating a course everyone can access

A MOOC is a type of course that is created especially to be accessed by anyone who wishes to take it (that is the Massive and the Open part). Inevitably, to make it accessible to as many people as possible, it is also Online.

In this course, we have made it so that it is also accessible at any time, meaning that there are no start dates or end dates. You do it at your own pace, starting and ending when you want. This type of course also requires the participant to be persistent and to finish under their own direction. This can be hard for some, but perseverance pays off with a new understanding of how to tackle business problems in a different way.

The course is an integral part of the 7-day event for the students but any of the participating company staff are also encouraged to take it.

10 Days 100 Challenges – The Event

We are currently looking for companies, hopefully SMEs, who would like to pose a business problem to the students for them to work on together. What this means practically for the companies is an overall investment of ~10-15 hours over the entire event (or more if you want) where you:

  • present a company business problem
  • provide company information to your team
  • coach/answer questions throughout the event
  • watch & give feedback on the final pitches

This will take place at the Helsinki XR Center, Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu, Hämeentie 135A, Helsinki on May 30th to June 7th (daily schedule TBA)

What’s in it for you?
  • Getting to work with enthusiastic students
  • Scouting for talent that might benefit your company – interns, thesis workers, future colleagues
  • Getting new perspectives on your industry
  • Learning new methods of problem-solving
  • etc… so much more!

There are so many reasons to participate. All of them will help you learn new ways of doing things and help you to think about what you do differently!

Pamela Spokes, Service Designer, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Read more:

> 10 Days 100 Challenges website

Or watch the video below:

00:00 Introduction
00:46 What’s new this year?
01:18 What’s the Massive open online course?
02:09 How does 10 days 100 challenges promote sustainability? What’s in it for the companies?
03:10 How to participate
03:39 What do you wish the outcome of the program to be?

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