Our own regio star – iEER project recognised as a REGIOSTARS Finalist


The Helsinki-Uusimaa led iEER project was among the five best in the RegioStars Awards in the category of 30 years of Interreg: Youth empowerment for cooperation across borders. This year the final Award was given to the Energy@School project. Congratulations to the Winner.

We are proud of the iEER project for making it to the top five in the REGIOSTARS Awards and want to share their story. Since 2016, the iEER has kick started a transformation journey to help young Europeans realise their aspirations.  In this journey, the iEER installed a mindset change in public, educational and private sectors. Through peer learning and expert support, the consortium launched 50 actions (amounts to a total of €40 million EU funding investment) in developing better entrepreneurship education,  startup support and business services in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain and United Kingdom.

As a result, the iEER project triggered an investment of €36.8 million of European Structural Funds in supporting the youth development and entrepreneurship. It includes entrepreneurship teaching and mindset activation in schools, early startup support etc. The result is equivalent to a return on investment of 1500% of Interreg Europe and EU funding. Furthermore, through the pilot project ‘train the trainers’, the iEER has successfully involved 31 universities, trained 352 teachers and professors and directly engaged 1100 students to learn about entrepreneurial skills and mindset in nine regions.

To familiarize with this impressive journey and good practices, visit their website.

More information of the Award: REGIOSTARS Awards

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