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TeenMINNO provides co-innovation model for companies and students

The TeenMINNO model is a competition and a facilitated pedagogic process for students. In TeenMINNO, real companies get real innovation challenges solved by students for free.


The Finnish vocational institutions in mid- and higher education, which are a part of the Finnish world-class education, work together in the TeenMINNO process.

-When an artesan gets together with a culture producer or a laborant meets a designer, a new, unique way of thinking is born. Having success in business requires unique thinking. The TeenMINNO model offers both the students and the companies exactly that, says Laura-Maija Hero, the project manager of TeenMINNO.

The result of participating in the TeenMINNO co-innovation challenge is a new innovative solution, to a challenge given. The TeenMINNO process provides the expertise of professionals from different fields and combine it with the young students’ fresh ideas. For the students, the TeenMINNO model also offers a time and place where they can develop their way of thinking by innovating in practice with real-life cases.

Global and Finnish companies – give TeenMINNO a challenge!

Your company has a chance to come up with a challenge for the TeenMINNO participants to solve. Since it’s free of charge, you only need to present us with a good challenge. Companies also work as mentors in the TeenMINNO-process. Pitch us your challenge by the autumn of 2016. TeenMINNO -groups start working on the challenges in 2017.

Professional lecturers facilitate the process

Lecturers from the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and the Omnia Vocational College facilitate the process. Another TeenMINNO partner is Future Tournaments ltd., a Finnish company with a mission to challenge and change the way people collaborate both globally and locally. A pedagogic facilitated TeenMINNO-process is a safe way for enterprises to develop new innovations and progress their business. At the same time TeenMINNO helps students to develop their co-operation and problem solving skills.

The project was funded in 2016-2018. You can find more information about the project and its’ results here. More information about the innovation projects in Metropolia here.

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For further information, please contact:

Laura-Maija Hero

Project Manager

+358 40 179 1409