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Silvere senses the value of your forest

Solution: Silvere provides an end-to-end service giving forest owners the most accurate valuation of their forest. Silvere is able to measure the forest down to a single tree using remote sensors, such as high resolution LiDAR (laser scanning). The service results in a forest management plan that is optimized to match the preferences of the forest owner.


Startup event Slush gathers 22.-23.11.2017 investors and the hottest new businesses under the same roof for the tenth time already. We met five exciting startups attending Slush, all of them from the Helsinki Smart Region.

What are the first sentences of your pitch, Technology Development Team Lead Mats von Weissenberg?

Silvere provides an end-to-end service giving you a perfect valuation of your forest.

How did you come up with the idea for Silvere?

In a way we are kind of a reverse startup. We have an investor who originally had an idea around which he started to build this company. Our investor had a decisive moment when he was buying a forest patch and wanted to check the valuation behind the price. It was 50 percent off from reality! He was already familiar with research of precision forestry, and had seen first-hand what automatization can enable in various industries. He decided to do something about this.

What are you hoping to get out of Slush?

Slush brings us good publicity and is a good place to showcase our technological solution. It is also a convenient event to show that we are a little bit different compared to many traditional forestry companies who measure forests by having people going around them. We are also looking for skilled programmers, and we think Slush is a good place for recruiting.

What is the next step for Silvere?

Full scale operations. We are now doing pilot operations with our clients, but the next step is to go full steam ahead. We are ready to make deals with clients already. The best time to scan forests is when they are leafless, so we aim to start doing big operations before next spring.

Why is the Helsinki Smart Region convenient for trying new kinds of solutions?

There is plenty of forestry research and expertise along with long traditions here in Finland. To do this business in Finland is a very natural choice. It is also a signal for clients abroad: we are known as a country that can manage their forests. Also, the Helsinki region has a lot of workforce, so it’s a safe place to recruit people.

This interview is part of the Helsinki Smart Region interview series ‘5 smart startups you should meet at SLUSH’. The other startups are Chaos Architects, Industryhack, Kamu Health Ltd and Virta Ltd.

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